Welcome to the ECEGSO Homepage!

The Electrical and Computer Graduate Student Organization (ECEGSO) is an organization for all graduate students of Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students who are admitted to Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering for Master’s and PhD are automatically a part of ECEGSO. The whole purpose of this organization is to collaborate between the graduate students and all other student body organizations (ASNMSU) on campus to make sure that all the graduate student needs are met.

The most important responsibilities we have are assisting graduate students in the process of obtaining funding from ASNMSU and providing information on the research that is going on in the department.

The current officers of ECEGSO are:

  • President, Henna Uppalapati,
  • Vice President, Xaviar Enriquez,
  • Secretary, Manogna Katragadda,
  • Treasurer, Jennifer Hu,

Please feel free to contact any of them with any questions you might have about ECEGSO, including meeting times and how to get involved!


Obtaining Funding through ECEGSO

In order for graduate students to obtain funding from Associated Students of NMSU (ASNMSU) or the Graduate Student Council (GSC) , they must be part of an on-campus organization. We are that organization for ECE graduate students! If you would like to attend a conference, present research work, or present a poster at an event, and apply to get reimbursed from ASNMSU or GSC, please contact the current Vice President, Xaviar Enriquez (, and he will help with the process in obtaining that funding. Please also note that these arrangements should be made about one month before the scheduled event, and about one month before the end of the semester. You can read more about the processes on the ASNMSU webpage and the GSC webpage.


Upcoming Events

Meeting Wednesday, 4/12 @ 5:30pm, in TB Rm 204.

We’ll talk about ECEGSO and our mission, the newly formed Graduate Student Research Awards, and more!

The Big Event

Every year ASNMSU puts together the Big Event to give on-campus organizations a chance to help the community by volunteering for off-campus community projects. This also gives chartered organizations an opportunity to gain community service hours for their organizations (a requirement for obtaining ASNMSU funds).


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