Robert Paz


Robust control design, Robotics, Reduced gravity simulation

Significant Publications

  • Khaled Hatamleh, Ou Ma and Robert Paz (2010). “A UAV Model Parameters Identification Method”, Proceedings of the AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control Conference, Toronto, Ontario Canada.
  • Hatamleh , K. S., O. Ma, and R. Paz (2009) “An UAV Model Parameter Identification Method: A Simulation Study,” International Journal of Information Acquisition, vol. 6, pp 225-238.
  • O. Ma, A. Hernandez, and R. Paz (2008), “Testbed for Testing an Active Body Support System for Locomotion Training,” Proceedings of the IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, July 2-5, 2008, Xian, PRC.
  • Diao, X., O. Ma, and R. Paz (2006), “Study of 6-DOF cable-robots for potential application of HIL microgravity contact-dynamics simulation”, Proc. AIAA Modeling and Sim. Tech. Conf. and Exhibit, Keystone, CO, AIAA-2006-6732
  • R.A. Paz (2006), “Ripple-Free Tracking with Robustness,” International Journal of Control, vol. 79, no. 6, pp. 543-568.