This program option is designed to provide a means for ECE undergraduates to obtain both a B.S.E.E. and a M.S.E.E. degree with 144 credit hours of coursework (normally: B.S.E.E. = 120 credit hours, M.S.E.E. = 30 credit hours; total =150 credit hours). Students electing to utilize this option will follow the existing undergraduate curriculum for the first seven semesters. In the final undergraduate semester, two graduate courses (numbered > 500, if possible, or > 450, otherwise) will be taken in lieu of two ECE electives listed in the undergraduate curriculum. The student receives a B.S.E.E. degree at this point. An M.S.E.E. program can be completed in three additional semesters. Students must obtain prior approval of the department before starting this program option.

A thesis-based MSEE program that can be completed in three semesters is possible. Technical report and coursework-only programs are also possible with appropriate adjustments to this sample program.  Permission to utilize this option involves two steps: First, during the final semester of the junior year (e.g., when taking EE 351 and/or 314), students will petition the ECE department for permission to take the BSEE/MSEE option using the application form. Permission to utilize the option will be based on the cumulative grade point average (>3.5) and personal recommendations by faculty listed on the departmental application. Once the ECE department has notified the applicant of permission, the student must then complete the second step of formally applying to the NMSU graduate school for admission to graduate school in ECE; this application to the graduate school is made during the semester of BSEE graduation.  A packet with more information and a sample degree program is available.