ECE Alumni can be found running their own companies, working for major corporations, or working in government facilities. We would like to hear about your successes since leaving NMSU. Please also take the alumni survey to help us to improve our programs. An important alumni organization is the Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy, which is primarily made up of distinguished ECE alumni and strategic friends.

Keeping in Touch

It is important to the Klipsch School and NMSU to keep in touch with the alumni. Please use the on-line form to supply your contact information.

Participate in the Alumni Survey

The Klipsch School alumni are an important part of our ongoing assessment process. One way to give input to the Klipsch School is for alumni to participate in the Alumni Survey.  Each year, we survey alumni from two-year and five-year prior graduating classes. We are asking for your help by completing the alumni survey form on the College of Engineering website. It is very easy to do and will only take 15-20 minutes of your time.