The Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy is an important alumni organization made of distinguished ECE alumni and strategic friends. The Mission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy (ECEA) is to guarantee continued excellence in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s teaching, research, and development programs.



The ECE Academy is governed by its by-laws. The latest by-law revision was 2014. To view the current by-laws, click here.


Minutes and Other Files

The ECE Academy 2014 meeting minutes can be found here. [PDF]

The Industrial Advisory Group (IAG) 2014 meeting minutes can be found here. [PDF]

To view Dr. Ranade’s slideshow from the 2014 meeting, click here. [PDF]


The 2013-2014 ECE Academy Officers are listed below:

2013-2014 Academy Board of Directors
Name Position Term End
Manny Mora Chair 2017
Brian Kopp Vice Chair 2018
David Wiegandt Secretary 2017
Scott Miller Treasurer / Finance Committee Representative 2018
Christopher Long
Member 2017
Stephen Horan Past Chair 2016


2013-2014 ECE Membership Committee
Name Position
Joseph Nevarez Co-Chairman
Don Merrill Co-Chairman
John Scruggs Member
Vincent Boudreau Member
Steve Omick Member
Bob Witter Member
2013-2014 IAG Members from ECEA
Name Term End
Andrus Garay 2015
William Garcia 2016
Leroy Gomez 2014
Patricia Nava 2017
Rick Shumard 2018
Gerry Stolarczyk 2018











If you would like to join the ECE Academy, please view this letter for qualifications and requirements: Qualifications and Requirements. The 2014 new member nomination format document can be found here: 2014 New Member Nomination Format The ECE Academy members are listed in the table below:

Charter members inducted in 1991 are indicated by the “‡” next to their names. Deceased members are indicated by the “†” next to their name.

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Photo of C. Robert Scheafer
C. Robert Scheafer
NMSU Degrees: 1957 BSEE
Year Inducted: 2007
Photo of John Scruggs
John Scruggs
NMSU Degrees: 1964 BSEE
Year Inducted: 2001




John Scruggs, elected as a full member, graduated from the Klipsch School in 1964 with a BSEE degree. During his time at NMSU he was a co-op at White Sands for 3 years. His career began as a circuit design engineer for the Motorola Government Electronics Division in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here he contributed to space programs such as Apollo and the Mariner. While at Motorola he earned an MSEE from Arizona State University. After 5 years with Motorola, he joined Varo Inc. where he managed the electronics design department developing prototype people-mover vehicles. In 1972, Mr. Scruggs joined the Hewlett Packard Corporation in Loveland, Colorado where he spent the majority of his career. His initial work at HP was designing Automated Test Equipment for the in-house integrated circuit facility. He subsequently moved into the Instrument R&D department where he held various technical management positions such as project manager, section manager and finally R&D department manager. In 1985 Scruggs was made General Manager of  the Manufacturing Test Division responsible for all activities, product development, marketing and manufacturing for that ATE product line. In 1992, Scruggs was promoted to general manager of the Automated Test Business Unit, responsible for several ATE related product lines. A year later, he was appointed a vice president of HP. In 1999 the Test & Measurement Business of HP was spun off to form Agilent Technologies and Scruggs assumed the position of Senior Vice-President of their Automated Test Group. In 2002 Scruggs retired from Agilent and now resides in Greenville, Texas.

Photo of Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw
NMSU Degrees: 1971 MSEE
Year Inducted: 1999




Jerome Shaw is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Volt Information Sciences, Inc., a global staffing supplier with annual sales of approximately $2 billion. A dynamic and charismatic business leader, Jerome Shaw is part of a remarkable success story that began in 1950 when he, along with his older brother William, invested $13 and founded Volt.

In his capacity as Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Shaw is one of the driving forces in directing the day-to-day operations of Volt. Mr. Shaw ‘s vision and creativity is key to Volt’s ongoing expansion and development. Utilizing a hands-on, shirtsleeves management style, he has been instrumental in Volt’s tremendous growth from a startup entrepreneurial venture to a Fortune 1000 corporation. Today, at 75, Jerome Shaw is considered an icon of the staffing industry.

Over a period of nearly 40 years, Jerome Shaw also has built a second very successful business in real estate. In January 1959, he moved to California from New York. From 1959 to 1973, Mr. Shaw bought 650 acres of land and proceeded through city and county government to obtain approvals for “Tentative Maps.” This effectively is buying land at wholesale and re-selling it at retail. In addition, he has created an award-winning residential housing development in Northern San Diego County, Shaw-Lopez Park. Mr. Shaw’s real estate business has been totally accomplished working on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo of Paul Short
Paul Short
NMSU Degrees: 1982 BSEE
1984 MSEE
Year Inducted: 2006





Photo of Raymond Shoults
Raymond Shoults
NMSU Degrees: 1963 BSEE
1969 MSEE
Year Inducted: 2004





Dr. Shoults received the PhD degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1974, the MSEE and BSEE degrees from New Mexico State University in 1969 and 1963, respectively. Dr. Shoults retired from the University of Texas at Arlington on August 31, 2008 after 33 years of academic service. At the time of his retirement he was Professor and Chairman of the Department of electrical Engineering, a position he held from September 2001 to August 2008.

Dr. Shoults’ expertise includes advanced computer methods for power system engineering; application of computer simulation to power system planning and operation; real-time power system control; automatic generation control (AGC); power system dynamics; reliability methods; rapid as well as conventional power flow techniques; reactive power flow analysis; power system simulation (Operator Training Simulators).

Dr. Shoults’ industrial experience in the electric utility industry includes distribution field engineering, industrial sales engineering, and Division Sales Supervisor (1963-1968); and advance transmission planning (1967-1971). He spent one and one-half years with a utility consulting firm as a staff consultant (1974-1975). H was associated with UTA and active in research and teaching responsibilities from 1975 to 2008. His research activity included projects with the NSF, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, EPRI, Public Service Company of New Mexico, Texas Utilities Electric Company, Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Institutional Division, the Advanced Technology Program with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Texas Technology Workforce Development Grant administered by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Dr. Shoults has provided numerous short courses in power system analysis in the USA, Mexico, Taiwan and Germany. He received the Halliburton Award for Outstanding Research in the UTA College of Engineering in 1996.

Photo of Edward Shreve ‡
Edward Shreve
NMSU Degrees: 1964 MSEE
Year Inducted: 1991
(Charter Member)






Dr. Edward L. Shreve is a co-founder of Frontier Engineering and has served as Vice-President, Technical Director, Secretary, and Director since its inception in 1973. From 1970 to 1979, he was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Oklahoma State University. He has authored numerous scientific articles, position papers, and other engineering publications. Dr. Shreve received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1962, a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University in 1964, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1969.

Dr. Shreve is an active member of the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Board of Directors for the YMCA, Stillwater United Way, and Coalition for the Advancement of mathematics Education in Oklahoma. He is also a member of Indian Meridian Vo-Tech’s Management Development Group. In addition, he serves on the Industrial Advisory Council for OSU Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology and is a member of the OSU Foundation Presidents Club and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy at NMSU. Other Affiliations include the Oklahoma and National Societies of Professional Engineers, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Eta Kappa Nu Engineering Honor Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Association of Old Crows, and the American Management Association.

Richard Shumard
NMSU Degrees: 1971 BSEE
Year Inducted: 2013
Martin Small
NMSU Degrees: 1985 BSEE
Year Inducted: 2002




Martin J. Small received his BSEE (with honors), BS (with honors) in Mathematics, and BS (with honors) in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. He specializes in High-speed data acquisition and real-time data processing systems, high-reliability closed-loop control systems engineering and, electronics and software design and development. He has previously worked at EG&G, NMSU Electrical Engineering Department, and at the Physical Science Laboratory (PSL) at NMSU. While at PSL, he became the Section Chief of the Systems Technologies Section. He then founded CALCULEX, Inc. which specializes in producing high-speed, solid-state data recorders for customers from around the world.

Photo of Eldon Steelman
Eldon Steelman
NMSU Degrees:
Year Inducted: 2006
Photo of Gerald Stolarczyk ‡
Gerald Stolarczyk
NMSU Degrees: 1988 BSEE
Year Inducted: 2012
Photo of Larry Stolarczyk ‡
Larry Stolarczyk
NMSU Degrees: 1965 MSEE
1970 PhD
Year Inducted: 1991
(Charter Member)







Larry G. Stolarczyk (retired), Founder and former Executive Scientific Research Director of Stolar Inc., holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado (CU) and received his M.S. and Sc.D. degrees  in electrical engineering (related topics in theoretical physics) from New Mexico State University (NMSU). He completed the Anderson School of Management Executive Program, New Mexico University (UNM). He was named Distinguished Alumni of Colleges of Engineering at CU and NMSU. He has presented papers at West Virginia University ElectroTech and Ground Control Conferences, IEEE Vehicular Technology meeting, SME Annual Meetings, JASONS, National Mining Expo, and International Ground Penetrating Radar biannual meetings. Dr. Stolarczyk has published more than 50 technical papers and written two chapters in books dealing with mining geophysics. He was nominated for the National Technology Medal for the development of the Radio Imaging Method (RIM) technology for tomography scanning of subsurface geologic structures. He also received the 1986 National Award for Energy Innovation for development of RIM technology. In 1995, Dr. Stolarczyk was named “Inventor of the Year” by the New Mexico Entrepreneurs Association with a mining industry patent portfolio exceeding 40 maintained U.S. Patents.