Abdel-Hameed Badawy
Assistant Professor

Phone: (575) 646-6476           Google Scholar Page


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 223

Teaching: EE 260

Research: Computer Architectures, High Performance Computing, Optical Networks on Chip, Optical Computing, Green Computing


  • Ahmad Anbar, Olivier Serres, Engin Kayraklioglu, Abdel-Hameed A. Badawy, and Tarek El-Ghazawi. 2016. Exploiting Hierarchical Locality in Deep Parallel Architectures. ACM Trans. Archit. Code Optim. 13, 2, Article 16 (June 2016), 25 pages. DOI: 1145/2897783
  • Sun, A. H. A. Badawy, V. Narayana, T. El-Ghazawi and V. J. Sorger, “The Case for Hybrid Photonic Plasmonic Interconnects (HyPPIs): Low-Latency Energy-and-Area-Efficient On-Chip Interconnects,” in IEEE Photonics Journal, vol. 7, no. 6, pp. 1-14, Dec. 2015. DOI: 10.1109/JPHOT.2015.2496357
Photo of Charles Boehmer
Charles Boehmer
College Assistant Professor


Phone: (575) 639-3910


Location: Off Campus

Category: Faculty

Photo of Deva K Borah
Deva K Borah

International Foundation for Telemetering and Telecommunications Professorship

Phone: (575) 646-3357        Website:


Location: Goddard Annex, Room 160E

Teaching: EE 210EE 302EE 496EE 497, EE 571EE 581EE 582EE 583EE 584EE 671


Research: Digital communications, RF and optical wireless communications, Detection and estimation techniques


  • H. Tapse, D. K. Borah and J. Perez-Ramirez, “Hybrid Optical/RF channel performance analysis for turbo codes, “ IEEE Transactions on Communications , vol. 59, pp. 1389-1399, May 2011.
  • D. K. Borah and D. G. Voelz, ” Spatially partially coherent beam parameter optimization for free space optical communications, “ Optics Express , vol. 18, pp. 20746-20758, Sept. 2010.
Photo of Laura Boucheron
Laura Boucheron
Associate Professor


Phone: (575) 646-7420        Website:


Location: Goddard Annex, Room 160H

Teaching: EE 312, EE 314, EE 446/596, EE 545


Research: Biomedical image analysis, solar image analysis, signal and image processing, pattern classification, applications of signal and image processing, medical image analysis, bioinformatics


  • S. M. Bannister, L. E. Boucheron, and D. G. Voelz, “A Numerical Analysis of a Frame Calibration Method for Video-Based All-Sky Camera Systems,” Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, vol. 125, no. 931, pp. 1108-1118, 2013.
  • M. N. Gurcan, L. E. Boucheron, A. Can, A. Madabhushi, N.M. Rajpoot, and B. Yener, “Histopathological image analysis: A review,” IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 2, 147-171, 2009.
Photo of Wenjie Che
Wenjie Che
Assistant Professor


Phone: (575) 646-2436


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 228

Teaching: EE 490/590 Selected Topics: Hardware Security and Trust

Research: Hardware Security and Trust, Embedded Systems Security, Cyber Physical Security, Hardware & Software Co-Design, Security Protocols and DFT 


  • W. Che, F. Saqib, J. Plusquellic, “Novel Offset Techniques for Improving Bitstring Quality of a Hardware-Embedded Delay PUF,” IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 733-743, April 2018.

  • W. Che, M. Martinez-Ramon, F. Saqib, J. Plusquellic, “Delay Model and Machine Learning Exploration of a Hardware-Embedded Delay PUF,” in IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST), 2018, pp. 153-158. 
Photo of Charles D Creusere
Charles D Creusere

Frank Carden Chair in Telemetering and Telecommunications

Phone: (575) 646-3919        Website:


Location: Goddard Annex, Room 160D

Teaching: EE 395, EE 312EE 545EE 565EE 573EE 595EE 596EE 555, EE 594


Research: Distributed audio and video coding, Polarimetric image processing, Audio quality analysis


  • Krishna, T.V.T.; Creusere, C.D.; Voelz, D.G.; , “Passive Polarimetric Imagery-Based Material Classification Robust to Illumination Source Position and Viewpoint,” Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on , vol.20, no.1, pp.288-292, Jan. 2011
    doi: 10.1109/TIP.2010.2052274
  • C.D. Creusere, K. Kallakuri, and R. Vanam, “An Objective Metric of Human Subjective Audio Quality Optimized for a Wide Range of Audio Fidelities,” Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, IEEE Transactions on [see also Speech and Audio Processing, IEEE Transactions on] , vol.16, no.1, pp.129-136, Jan. 2008.
Photo of Muhammad Dawood
Muhammad Dawood
Associate Professor


Phone: (575) 646-5498        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 311

Teaching: EE 351, EE 548/452, EE 541/454,  EE 590/490,


Research: UWB Radar/SAR systems, Phased array antennas, Advanced signal processing techniques for radar/SAR data


  • A. V. Alejos, M. Dawood, and L. Medina, “Experimental dynamical evolution of the Brillouin precursor for broadband wireless communication through vegetation,” Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Progress In Electromagnetic Research, PIER 111, 291-309, 2011
  • A. V. Alejos, M. Dawood, and H. U. Mohammed, “Analysis of Brillouin precursor propagation through foliage for digital sequence of pulses”, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Vol. 8, No. 1, Jan. 2011, pp. 59-63
Photo of Phillip De Leon
Phillip De Leon
Professor and Associate Vice President for Research

Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Distinguished Professorship

Phone: (575) 646-3771        Website:


Location: Goddard Hall, Room 310

Teaching: EE 312EE 395EE443/593, EE 545EE 565EE 589


Research: Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, Mobile Application Development, Speaker Recognition, Speech Enhancement, and Time-Frequency Analysis


  • M. Martinez and P. L. De Leon, “Falls Risk Classification of Older Adults Using Deep Neural Networks and Transfer Learning,” IEEE J. Biomed. Health Inform., Mar. 2019.
  • M. Martinez, P. L. De Leon, and D. Keeley, “Bayesian Classification of Falls Risk,” Gait & Posture, vol. 67, pp. 99-103, Jan. 2019.
  • S. Sandoval and P. L. De Leon, “The Instantaneous Spectrum: A General Framework for Time-Frequency Analysis,” IEEE Trans. Sig. Proc., vol. 66, no. 21, pp. 5679-5693, Nov. 2018.
Photo of Paul M Furth
Paul M Furth
Associate Professor


Phone: (575) 646-8574        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 313

Teaching: EE 161EE 201EE 280, EE 524, EE 518


Research: Integrated Power Management, Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, High-Voltage Electronics, and Image Metric Sensors.


Photo of Hong Huang
Hong Huang
Associate Professor


Phone: (575) 646-3639        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 225

Teaching: EE161, EE260, EE 261, EE 469, EE 563, EE 569, EE 590


Research: Wireless networks, Sensor networks, Compressed Sensing, Smart Grids, Optical Networks


  • H. Huang, Y. Jaradat, R. A.-Cacheda, S. Misra, R. Tourani, M. Masoud and I. Jannoud, “Capacity of Large-Scale Wireless Networks Under Jamming: Modeling and Analyses,” IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2017.
  • S. Misra, R. Tourani, F. Natividad, T. Mick, N. Majd, and H. Huang, “FaSt: A Framework for Secure Content Delivery in Information-Centric Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 2017.
Photo of Olga Lavrova
Olga Lavrova
Associate Professor

Phone: (575) 646-2611

Teaching: EE 333 AC Circuits and Intro to Power

Research: Power and Energy, Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies

Photo of David Mitchell
David Mitchell
Assistant Professor


Phone: (575) 646-3238      Website:


Location: Goddard Annex, Room 160C

Teaching: EE 571, EE 572

Research: Digital communications, source and channel coding, information theory


  • L. Wei, D. G. M. Mitchell, T. E. Fuja, and D. J. Costello, Jr., “Design of Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes Over GF(q) for Windowed Decoding,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 62, no. 9, pp. 4781-4800, Sept. 2016.
  • D. G. M. Mitchell, M. Lentmaier, A. E. Pusane, and D. J. Costello, Jr., “Randomly Punctured LDPC Codes,” IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 408-421, Feb. 2016.
Photo of Kwong T Ng
Kwong T Ng

Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Distinguished Professorship

Phone: (575) 646-6431        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 322

Teaching: EE 310, EE 351,  EE 515


Research: Bioelectromagnetics, Biomedical computing, Electromagnetic source imaging


  • H.V. Dang, K.T. Ng, and J.K. Kroger, “Novel beamformers for multiple correlated brain source localization and reconstruction,” Proc. 36th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2011.
  • H.V. Dang and K.T. Ng, “Finite Difference Neuroelectric Modeling Software,” Journal of Neuroscience Methods, in press.
Photo of Krist A Petersen
Krist A Petersen
College Associate Professor


Phone: (575) 646-3115


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 213

Photo of Jaime Ramírez-Angulo
Jaime Ramírez-Angulo

IEEE Fellow

Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Distinguished Professorship

Phone: (575) 646-4406        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 328

Teaching: EE 324, EE 482, EE 483/519, EE 484/520, EE 485/523, EE 486/524, EE 490/590

Research: Design and test of high performance, low voltage analog and mixed signal VLSI Systems


  • “-75 dB IM3 CMOS Gm-C VDSL Channel Filter” M. Jiménez, L. Acosta, R. G. Carvajal, A. Lopez-Martin and J. Ramírez-Angulo, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II (I.F. 1.32) In print.
  • “Micropower High Current Drive Class AB CMOS Current Feedback Operational Amplifier” L. Acosta, R. G. Carvajal, A. Lopez-Martin and J. Ramírez-Angulo, International Journal of Circuit Theory and Design, (I.F. 2.0) CT-09-0134, in print
Photo of Satishkumar J Ranade
Satishkumar J Ranade

PNM Endowed Chair for Utility Management

Phone: (575) 646-3118        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 107

Teaching: EE 280, EE 494/544, EE 431/542, EE 543, EE 530-540


Research: Power System modeling and control, Power Electronics Applications, Renewable Energy and Microgrids


  • J. Mitra, S. B. Patra, S. J. Ranade and M. R. Vallem, “Reliability-Specified Generation and Distribution Expansion in Microgrid Architectures,” WSEAS Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 1, no. 8, pp. 1446–1453, Aug 2006.
  • J. Mitra, S. B. Patra and S. J. Ranade, “Reliability Stipulated Microgrid Architecture Using Particle Swarm Optimization,” to be presented at the 9th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2006.
Steven Sandoval
Assistant Professor

Phone: (575) 646-5247      Website:


Location: Goddard Annex, Room 160F

Teaching: EE 312

Research: Digital Signal Processing


Photo of Steven J Stochaj
Steven J Stochaj
Professor and Interim Department Head

Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Distinguished Professorship

Phone: (575) 646-4828        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 221

Teaching: EE 109, EE 162, EE 563


Research: Particle astrophysics, Computer performance


  • Electron Measurements with the High Energy Particle Calorimeter Telescope (HEPCaT), J.W. Mitchell, T. Hams, J.F. Krizmanic, A.A. Mosieev, M. Sasaki, R.E. Streitmatter, J.H. Adams, M.J. Christl, J.W. Watts, T.G. Guzik, J. Isbert, J.P. Wefel, C.B. Cosse, and S.J. Stochaj, Proceedings of the 31st ICRC, Loʼdzʼ, Poland (2009) OG.1.5 Paper ID 1444.
  • TheOrbiting Astrophysical Spectrometer In Space (OASIS), M. Christl, et al., Proceedings of the 31st ICRC, Loʼdzʼ, Poland (2009) OG.1.5 Paper ID 1151.
Photo of Wei Tang
Wei Tang
Associate Professor

Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Distinguished Professorship

Phone: (575) 646-5768        Website:


Location: Thomas and Brown Hall, Room 326

Teaching: EE 380, EE485/523, EE501, EE512, EE514, EE519, EE567

Research: Integrated Circuits Design, Signal Processing Circuits, Biomedical Sensors


  • Xiaocen Tang, Qisong Hu, Wei Tang: “A Real-Time QRS Detection System with PR/RT Interval and ST Segment Measurements for Wearable ECG Sensors using Parallel Delta Modulators” IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (TBioCAS), vol, no., pp.1-11., Accepted 2018. [ieeexplore link]
  • Qisong Hu, Xiaochen Tang, Wei Tang: “Integrated Asynchronous Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio with Automatic Clock and Data Recovery”. IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters (MWCL). Vol 27, No. 4, 2017. [ieeexplore link]
Photo of David Voelz
David Voelz

Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Distinguished Professorship

Phone: (575) 646-3471        Website:


Location: Goddard Annex, Room 160B

Teaching: EE 370, EE 473, EE 478/528, EE 479/529, EE 577, EE 578, EE 590, EE 201, EE 211, EE 109


Research: Spectral/polarization sensing, Laser communication, Sensing systems


  • C. Creusere, V. Thilak, D. Voelz, “Passive polarimetric imagery-based material classification robust to illumination source position and viewpoint,” Transaction/Journal: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 20(1), 288-292 (2011).
  • D. G. Voelz and M. C. Roggemann, “Digital simulation of scalar optical diffraction: revisiting chirp function sampling criteria and consequences,” Appl. Opt. 48, 6132-6142 (2009).


Photo of Annette Benavidez
Annette Benavidez
Administrative Assistant


Phone: (575) 646-3117


Location: Thomas & Brown Hall, Room 106

Category: Staff