Graduate Certificate in Digital Signal Processing

Offered By:

Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering,College of Engineering, New Mexico State University.



Digital Signal Processing (DSP) focuses focuses on the processing and analysis of digitized signals. This certificate introduces students to the basic theory as well as the application of that theory.  This certificate is a unique credential opportunity for engineering and technical professionals to receive an in-depth education focused entirely in one or more disciplines.

Our market is engineers and technical professionals who are interested in increasing their expertise in this important technical areas. Since the major program focus will be distance-based, enrollment is not limited by a student’s location. A key strategy is to encourage students in the certificate program to establish a grade point average that will allow them to apply for admission to the full on-line master’s program.


Academic Content

A 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA in four courses as described below will be required for award of this certificate.


Required Courses: (6 cr)

E E 545 Digital Signal Processing II

E E 571 Random Signal Analysis

Electives (6 credits out of the following courses)

E E 565 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

E E 573 Signal Compression

E E 584 Mathematical Methods for Communications and Signal Processing

E E 596 Digital Image Processing

E E 597 Neural Signal Processing



An undergraduate degree in electrical engineering with a GPA of 2.5 or higher is required. Students with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines will be considered, provided they have completed two undergraduate courses or their equivalents – Math 392: Differential Equations, E E 200: Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics Applications, and E E 312 Signals and Systems I. This program is only open to US citizens and permanent residents working in the United States.

Contact the Registrar’s office at 575-646-3411 for admission.


Transfer Credits

Students enrolled in certificate programs cannot transfer credits from another institution towards the completion of this certificate program. However, they can transfer credits taken in a certificate program of NMSU (Grade B- or higher) into a graduate degree program of the Klipsch School of ECE, provided the course logically fits into the student’s program of study, as determined by the graduate advisor. The time limit on course transfer is 5 years after completion of the certificate.


Faculty Coordinator / Contact

Dr. Charles Creusere, Frank Carden Chair in Telecommunications and Telemetering and Professor of the Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, (575) 646-3919.