Graduate Students

A message from the ECEGSO President, Henna:

ECESGO President, Henna Sri Venkat Uppalapati

Let me first introduce the people involved in ECEGSO. Dr. Tang is an Assistant Professor at the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and serves as an excellent advisor for this organization. Then, there is myself, Xaviar Enriquez, Manogna Katragadda and Jennifer Hu. It’s always important to recognize and encourage the phenomenal achievements of our fellow students here on campus. We should appreciate each and every student as they find success in their research.  As a part of this, we are excited to announce Graduate Student Research Awards and we also look forward to helping more students discover their potential in their respective fields of research. See below for more information about these awards.

Finally, I want to congratulate you for making it here, and I hope you have a wonderful experience at the Klipsch School pursuing your Master or PhD degrees!


ECEGSO is now recruiting for ECEGSO executive positions

Please see the ECESGO Homepage for more information!

ECE Graduate Student Awards

New awards for graduate students are being established in the ECE department. Applications are now open! Read more…

Applying for Travel Grants through ECEGSO

ECE graduate students are encouraged to apply for travel grants from ASNMSU through ECEGSO. Read more…