BSEE Requirements


Students in the Klipsch School of Electrical and  Computer Engineering earn a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree.  We are continuously checking our curriculum and making changes when a need is identified.  Since there are changes to the program requirements from year to year, students need to select the catalog they will graduate under.  You may choose the catalog that was in effect when you started school or any subsequent catalog, provided the selected catalog is not more than six years old when you complete the degree.

The curriculum consists of general education, science, math, engineering and electrical engineering classes (see the BSEE requirements for lists). Each EE student must take the lower-division ECE core courses (EE 100, 112, 200, 212, 230, 240) and  upper-division ECE core courses (EE 317, 320, 325, and 340).  These classes cover all the basic information we expect our EE to all know.  When the lower-division core courses are complete, students are eligible to enroll in junior cornerstone design.  When the upper-division core is complete, students can take their senior design capstone course.  Cornerstone and capstone are team design experiences, where students will design, build, test, and document a complex electrical engineering project.  

The program is flexible, allowing students to choose elective coursework towards concentrations in (i) communications and signal processing, (ii) computers and microelectronics, (iii) control and power, (iv) electromagnetics and photonics, or (v) space systems.

Detailed Requirements

Students usually follow the catalog which was in effect when they first attended NMSU. However, students may choose to switch to another catalog as long as that catalog is no more than six years old at the time of graduation.

Note that each list of electives included in the summaries represent the approved classes for that academic year. A class must be on the approved list in the semester it was taken in order to fulfill an elective requirement. Always refer to the most current list of approved classes when choosing electives.

 Catalog Year   PDF   DOC, DOCX  
 2019-2020  BSEE Requirements PDF  BSEE Requirements DOC
 2018-2019  BSEE Requirements PDF  BSEE Requirements DOC
 2017-2018  BSEE Requirements PDF   BSEE Requirements DOC 
 2016-2017  BSEE Requirements PDF   BSEE Requirements DOC
 2015-2016  BSEE Requirements PDF   BSEE Requirements DOC
 2014-2015  BSEE Requirements PDF   BSEE Requirements DOC

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Program Educational Objectives

The Klipsch School is dedicated to providing a quality, hands-on, educational experience for our students. Below are the program educational objectives (PEOs) that describe the expected accomplishments of graduate during their first few years after graduation.

  1. Our graduates will obtain relevant, productive employment in the private sector, government and/or pursue an advanced degree.
  2. Our graduates will be using their engineering foundation to innovate solutions to the problems of the real world.

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