Fall 2014 HKN Pledge Skit


EE is awesome whether it be signals or photonics.
Controls, computers, power, electronics.
Learning all the transforms from Laplace to Z.
If you in it for the money, double E is where to be.

In the lab, day and night building and designing.
Coming up to graduation, I can see the silver lining.
Engineering is the best, you can’t disagree.
If you in it for the money, double E is where to be.


1. As electrical engineers we can build it all!
We can make a filter that sounds like a concert hall.
We can build a circuit that will tell you the time.
We can write a program that will teach them how to rhyme.
We can do it all with just a little labor
We even build an awesome lightsabor.
********* Lightsaber Fight *********
See there’s no j in electrical cuz we’re the REAL engineers
Realer than trying to do math after a couple beers
Realer than a fourier transform symmetric about y
Realer than 1+e^(j*w*pi)

2. All the professors are amazing, changing lives every day
from Boucheron, Creusere, Deleon, Ranade
Ramirez, Huang, Brahma, Borah, and Stochaj
Paz, Dawood, Furth, Ng, that one guy
Tang, Prasade, Voelz, and then Dr.Cho
It’s getting pretty obvious, double e is where to go
Look, EE is awesome, trust me, just don’t be so dense
Not being an electrical engineer just doesn’t make any sense.
It’s like having all your poles in the right half plane.
Or designing a low pass amplifier with 0 gain.
3. Once you are a double e, do you know what you should do?
You need to find John and join Eta Kappa Nu.
They have lots of fun event and tons of free pizza.
Tutoring and parties… did we mention the free pizza.
Just carry a resistor at school until you’re home.
A resistor? Yeah, exactly 66 MOhm.
Then get professor signatures and tell them nice to meetcha
Then head back to crosno and go get your free pizza.