Academy By-Laws

Academy By-Laws

The 2023 ECE Academy by-laws are listed below:

Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering


New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Bylaws 11-2023

  1. The Mission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy (ECEA) is to guarantee continued excellence in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s teaching, research, and development programs through:
  • Recognition of graduates of the department for their sustained and outstanding contributions to the electrical engineering profession;
  • Recognition of eminent electrical engineers for their interest in, and support of, the department’s students, faculty, teaching and research programs;
  • Guidance and counsel, when possible, to the Department Head, faculty, and students;
  • Development of personal, corporate, foundation, and government gifts and grants for the support and benefit of the department;
  • Motivation of students and development of employment opportunities through association with members;
  • Contact with potential students;
  • Assist the department to identify and promote professional outreach.




  1. Active membership shall be limited to living individuals duly elected in accordance with the following conditions:
  • Each active member shall hold a degree in electrical and computer engineering (or electrical engineering) from New Mexico State University, or from another accredited engineering college, granted at least 20 years prior to election.  The member’s competence in electrical engineering shall be attested to by the degree as well as professional achievements.
  • Each candidate shall receive at least a three-fourths affirmative vote of the total votes cast for election to membership.


  • The number of active members from electrical engineering departments at universities other than New Mexico State University may not exceed twenty percent (20%) of active membership, and not more than one from an electrical engineering department other than New Mexico State University may be elected in any year.
  • A full time member of the electrical and computer engineering faculty at New Mexico State University may not be elected to membership.
  • A candidate who is elected to membership shall be present for induction at the first induction ceremony held after the candidate’s election.  This requirement may be waived by the President of the Academy for reasons acceptable to the President.  If this requirement is not waived by the President, the candidate’s invitation shall be withdrawn and the candidate’s status shall be the same as a person who has never been elected.
  1. Associate membership shall consist of graduates with a degree in electrical (or electrical engineering) granted at least 10 years prior to election. The member’s competence shall be attested to by the degree as well as professional achievements.  Associate members shall have voting privileges.  The number of Associate members shall not exceed 20% of the active members.  Associate members automatically become full members when the time qualification is met.


  1. Honorary members shall be living or deceased individuals duly elected in accordance with the following conditions:
  • Each shall have the unanimous approval of the Directors and at least a three-fourths affirmative vote of the membership or of a quorum of members present at an annual meeting.
  • The number of living Honorary Members shall not exceed ten (10) percent of the active members.
  • The number of living Honorary Members from an electrical engineering department other than New Mexico State University shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the total number of living honorary members.
  • Honorary Members may be inducted without being present.  They will be inducted at the first induction ceremony following their election.
  1. Distinguished past members shall consist of formerly active members who are deceased.


  1. The nominating sponsor will provide proper introduction to the ECEA membership and will provide appropriate materials and information about ECEA to the inductee for the first meeting, and beyond the first meeting as necessary.




  1. Active members may make nominations at a time provided by the chairperson of the member committee. These nominations shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Membership Committee of the Academy.  Those nominated must meet the membersip qualifications of these bylaws.  Information which substantiates the candidate’s qualifications must be submitted with the nomination.


  1. The Membership Committee will review, determine eligibility, and forward recommended nominations to the Board of Directors within one week of the membership vote on the prospective new members.


  1. The Board of Directors shall review and certify the nominations within one week of receiving the nominations year and return those acceptable to it to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.




  1. The Chairperson of the Membership Committee shall prepare an electronic ballot which lists the names of all those certified by the Board of Directors as nominees for membership.  This electronic ballot shall be sent to each of the members within one week of the approval by the Board of directors. The marked electronic ballot shall be returned to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee within two weeks of when the ballots were sent.


  1. The Membership Committee shall canvass all returned ballots and report to the Directors and the Department Head, those who have met nomination requirements are eligible for invitation within two weeks of the final count.




  1. Directors
  • The Board of Directors shall consist of six (6) active members.  At each annual meeting two (2) directors will be elected by the active members.
  • Each director shall serve for 3 years.
  • Nominations for Directors may be made by any member present at the annual meeting.  The affirmative vote of the majority of the membership present is required for election.
  • Each vacancy on the Board of Directors occurring from death or resignation shall be filled at the next annual meeting of the Academy.  A Director to complete the un-expired term for each vacancy will be elected by the active members.
  • The Department Head of the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering will be an ex-officio member of the board of directors.
  1. The officers of the Board of Directors and of the Academy shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The officers shall be elected by and from the Board of Directors promptly after the election of the Board of Directors.  The officers shall serve two (2) year terms. If a Board member is elected as an officer during the last year of that member’s term, then the term shall be extended by one year.


  • The officers shall have such duties as are necessary for the purposes and functions of the organization and such other duties as are assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • The officers shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred, if such expenses are authorized and approved by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. Committees
  • The minimum length of membership will be two (2) years for committees, and one (1) year for committee chairs.
  • The Board of Directors shall authorize and the President shall appoint such committees as are necessary to advance the purposes and business of the Academy.
  • There shall be a Membership Committee of at least five (5) active members, one (1) of which shall serve as Chairman.  This committee will take such action as is necessary to comply with Articles III and IV of these bylaws.
  • There shall be a Professional Outreach Committee.  At least 2 members will be elected to serve on the department’s Industrial Advisory Committee.
  • There shall be a Finance Committee of at least five (5) active members, one (1) of which shall serve as the Committee Chair and one (1) of which shall be the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Committee members are eligible for reappointment after their two-year term has completed.
  1. Meetings of the Membership
  • An annual meeting of the membership shall be held at such time and at such place as shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  • There shall be an Induction Ceremony for the purpose of inducting newly elected members.  This ceremony shall usually be held in conjunction with the annual meeting at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors.
  • There may be other meetings as shall be determined by the Board of Directors or by a petition signed by one-third of the active members requiring the Board of Directors to call a meeting.
  • Each meeting shall be announced by electric mail least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the meeting.


  • There shall be an Industrial Advisory Group (IAG) consisting of five (5) active Academy members and up to 5 independent (non-Academy) members.  The Academy members of the IAG will serve no longer than five (5) years.  At each ECEA meeting, one member of the Academy shall be elected to the IAG to replace the member whose term ends that year.  Independent members of the IAG will be appointed by the Department Head and will serve at discretion of the Department Head.


  • One of the Academy members will serve as Chairperson for the IAG. The Chairman will serve for one (1) year and will be the third person in seniority in the IAG.  The new chairman will be responsible for coordinating with the Department Head, the meeting for the following year.  The IAG will normally meet the day before the Academy meeting.


  • The purpose of the IAG is to review the adequacy of the NMSU Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) educational program in preparing its graduates for effective and credible entrance and contributions to the various sectors of industry, the government, health science, biomedical engineering, the environment, and advanced research and development institutions.  The IAG shall provide candid and direct feedback to the Department Head during the review meeting.


  1. The review includes, but is not limited to the following:


  • Undergraduate curriculum
  • Graduate curriculum
  • Department long range plan
  • Staff activities
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Accreditation compliance (ABET, NCA)
  • ECE departmental budget and financial support
  • Previous year’s concerns
    1. At the conclusion of the review a summary presented the Department head.


  1. The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the Academy in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws of the Academy.
  2. The Board of Directors may remove from the Academy any member due cause the recommendation of the Membership Committee. Such removal may not be enacted until such time as the Board and the membership have heard the appeal of the member so recommended if such a hearing is requested by the aggrieved member.
  3. The bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting at which such intention has been a part of the notice of the meeting.  The amendment will be adopted if it carries the favorable recommendation of two-thirds of the Directors and is approved by a majority of the membership present.
  4. The members of the Academy shall be indemnified by New Mexico State University for any indebtedness of the Academy or liability incurred by any member acting in his or her capacity as a member of the Academy.
  1. The Academy shall be self-supporting.  It shall use only those monies that are exclusively reserved for it in a university account.  Said monies shall accrue from contributions made or solicited by the members.
  2. The monies in this account may also be used by the Head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, at his discretion, for purposes directly benefiting the department, its students and faculty. A financial report covering these expenditures shall be prepared annually by the Department Head, audited by the Secretary/Treasurer and presented to the membership at each annual meeting.
  1. A plaque or certificate of membership in the Academy will be awarded to each active and honorary member (living or deceased) at the Induction Ceremony.
  2. Members of the Academy will be recognized as determined by the Department Head in a suitable manner in consultation with the Academy.
  3. A current biographical sketch of no more than one page, of each honorary, active and distinguished past member of the Academy will be maintained in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Mexico State University where it will be easily accessible to the students.
  4. A memorial will be provided for deceased members to recognize their service to the Academy. As a minimum, a list of names will be provided on the Academy website.