BSEE STEM Electives

General Description

Courses at the 300 level or above from E E that are not used to satisfy any other E E program requirement or courses at the 300 level or above from A E, C E, CHME, I E, M E, BIOL, CHEM, MATH, ASTR, and PHYS.  Excluded courses include VWW courses and those which are substantially equivalent to an E E-course. 

  1. Any additional 300+ course from the list of E E Concentration Courses
  2. From the Engineering College: Any 300+ in A E, C E, CHME, I E, M E (see Exception List below)
  3. From Arts & Sciences: Any 300+ in ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, C S, MATH, PHYS, STAT (see Exception List below)

STEM Elective Exception List (Courses NOT allowed as STEM Electives)

  • C E/CHME/E E/E T/I E/M E 330  Environmental Management Seminar I
  • CHME 430  Environmental Management Seminar II
  • C E 355V1         Technology and the Global Environment
  • CHME 395V1    Brewing Science and Society
  • ASTR 301V1     Revolutionary Ideas in Astronomy
  • ASTR 305V1     The Search for Life in the Universe
  • ASTR 308V1     Into the Final Frontier
  • ASTR 330V1     Planetary Exploration
  • CHEM 310V1    Chemistry and Society
  • E E 4904           Special Topics courses that are 1 credit (for supplemental instruction)
  • MATH 313        Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry I (for math education majors)
  • MATH 316        Calculus with Hands-on Applications (for math education majors)
  • MATH 3912       Vector Analysis
  • MATH 3923       Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MATH 411V1    Great Theorems: The Art of Mathematics
  • PHYS 303V1     Energy and Society in the New Millennium
  • PHYS 305V1     The Search for Water in the Solar System
  • PHYS 4732        Introduction to Optics
  • PHYS 4772        Fiber Optic Communication
  • PHYS 4782        Fundamentals of Photonics
  • PHYS 4792        Lasers and Applications
  • STAT 3712        Statistics for Engineers and Scientists I


  1. All Viewing a Wider World courses NOT allowed
  2. Courses with similar/same content found in E E courses NOT allowed
  3. BSEE program required course
  4. E E 490 1 credit courses are routinely offered as supplemental instruction for E E required courses.  These 1 credit courses are NOT allowed.