The Klipsch School prepares students for challenging careers where they can apply a broad spectrum of knowledge in electronics and computing to solve real-world problems that help improve our lifestyles, create wealth, and discover new technologies. Our graduates can be found in private industry, government service, and research laboratories throughout the United States and in many other countries. The Klipsch School currently offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering, with specialties ranging from computers to optics!

Our extensive summer internship and semester co-op programs help prepare students for entering the workforce. Our state-of-the-art research trains graduate students to face the theoretical and technical challenges of tomorrow. Our department is large enough to give students the experiences that will be found in many other research universities, yet small enough to have close interaction with faculty and peers.

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Mission Statement

The Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is dedicated to serving the needs of the people of New Mexico through the land grant mission of New Mexico State University.

In particular:

Education is recognized as the primary vehicle of success for persons of all backgrounds. The Klipsch School is dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities at the baccalaureate and graduate levels in electrical and computer engineering that will prepare students for successful careers in private industry, government and academia. Students graduation with a bachelor’s degree will have the necessary technical, communication, and critical thinking skills along with a dedication to lifelong learning necessary for a successful, fulfilling and life-long career in electrical and computer engineering. Students graduating with an advanced degree will obtain the advanced technical skills necessary for a successful career in research and development that is critical to maintaining the nation’s technological lead.

Research is a necessary component for a strong educational program as well as contributing to the nation’s world technological leadership. The Klipsch School will provide an environment which fosters world class research involving faculty and students as a component of a comprehensive educational experience. Faculty and students will strive to stay abreast of and provide leadership in the technical areas of expertise within the Klipsch School through their research endeavors and dissemination of results and new knowledge by publication of results and attendance at regional, national, and international conferences. Research programs within the Klipsch School will enhance graduate classes, continually rejuvenate undergraduate teaching, provide enrichment of faculty and provide well-trained personnel for the nation’s national laboratories, universities, and industrial laboratories.


Outreach and Public Service is a major component of the land grant mission of New Mexico State University, Public Service can play a major role in economic development of the local community, enrichment of K-12 education, and exposure of faculty to the demands, problems, and needs of the community. In addition, professional societies rely on public service from professionals in academia for many of their functions. Faculty are encouraged to seek opportunities to provide service to the local community, state, and national government entities, and professional societies for the betterment of society and their own enrichment.

Undergraduate Enrollment




Last Year

$2.8 Million

Grant Funding
Last Year

$10.9 Million