EUMP Events

2024 Annual Review: April 12th 2024 At Thomas and Brown building, room 207, 8:00 AM

2024 Annual EUMP meeting link to the presentations

2023 Annual EUMP Advisory meeting NMSU: At Thomas and Brown building, room 207 @ 04/14/2023, 8:00 AM

2023 IDEAL/SWTDI event: At Arrowhead Center (Foyer) @ 01/11/2023, 2:00 pm

2023 IDEAL/SWTDI event agenda: 


2:00 Arrowhead Center (Foyer)
Brief Welcome by Chancellor Arvizu (recognition of Dean Reddi)
Remarks from Senator Lujan
2:10 Overview of Arrowhead Center Ag Business Accelerator Program supported by Federal Funding (Kathy Hansen)
2:20 Overview of Testbed for Clean Energy and Grid Modernization supported by Federal funding (Dr. Jay Misra and Dr. Olga Lavrova)
2:30 Travel to Grid test site (adjacent to Arrowhead) for brief tour
2:45 Travel to Fabian Garcia Ag Science Center
2:55 Welcome (Dean Rolando Flores)
3:00  Overview of Weather Monitoring project (Dr. Leslie Edgar – tentative)
3:10 Overview of SW Climate Hub (Brandon Bestelmeyer)
3:20 Closing remarks by Senator Lujan


2022 EUMP Annual Meeting Agenda

2022 EUMP Annual Meeting Presentation