Graduate Core Courses


In order the provide adequate breadth in the programs of study for our graduate students, the Klipsch School faculty members have identified a set of core courses that are part of each graduate student’s program.

Students pursuing a MSEE must achieve a B or better in two courses from two different areas of specialization on the following list. PhD students who completed their MSEE/MEEE at NMSU must achieve a B or better on three courses from the following list if they did not take three of these courses from the three different areas of specialization as part of their MSEE/MEEE program at NMSU. PhD students who completed an MSEE/MEEE at another university may be required to take one or more of these courses if the student’s committee deems it necessary to give the student proper breadth in their program of study.


Area of Specialization

Graduate Core Course
Communications EE571 Random Signal Analysis
Computer Engineering EE564 Advanced Computer Architecture I
Control Systems EE551 Control Systems Synthesis I
Digital Signal Processing EE545 Digital Signal Processing II
Electric Energy Systems EE543 Power Systems III
Electromagnetics EE515 Electromagnetic Theory I
Microelectronics/VLSI EE523 Analog VLSI Design
Photonics EE528 Fundamentals of Photonics


MSEE/MEEE students not planning to pursue a PhD may choose a third core class from a third area of specialization from either the previous list or from the following list.


Area of Specialization Graduate Breadth Course
Communications EE581 Digital Communications I
Photonics EE577 Fourier Methods in Electro-Optics
Control Systems EE555 Advanced Linear Systems
Digital Signal Processing EE555 Advanced Linear Systems
Electric Energy Systems EE537 Power Electronics
Electromagnetics EE541 Antennas and Radiation
Microelectronics/VLSI EE524 Digital VLSI Circuit Design