Distance Education & Certificate Programs

MEEE and MSEE Online Programs

Designed for the working engineer, an entire 30-credit coursework-only MEEE degree can be taken remotely.  Alternately, the working engineer may choose to complete 27 credits of on-line coursework, a 3-credit technical report (E E 598) with a graduate advisor, and an oral exam, which must be taken on-site.  The latter option is especially attractive whenever the chosen topic of the technical report aligns with both the graduate advisor’s area of expertise and the engineer’s current job assignment.

This program is currently not available to international students. Students based in the US should contact an advisor in their area of interest to lay out a degree plan based on planned course offerings.

Admissions standards and procedures for the online MEEE program are identical to the regular on-site program.

Distance-Education Schedule of Classes

Distance-education courses are offered in five key areas: electric energy systems, digital communications, digital signal processing, space systems, and telemetering.   The schedules below are subject to change without notice. Students should work closely with their advisors to determine what classes will be offered semester-by-semester.*

Graduate Certificate Programs

The Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering participates in graduate certificate programs.  These programs are typically 12-credit hours programs that lead to a certificate from NMSU with the appropriate notation on the student’s transcript.

International Students are not eligible for the certificate programs.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Graduate certificates offered through Electrical Engineering are: