Q: How do I apply for a Research Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship?

A: To apply for a research assistantship, please directly contact a professor with an external research grant or contract.  To apply for a teaching assistantship, please contact your graduate advisor and request to be nominated for a teaching assistantship during the nomination period in April and November.


Q: What does a foreign student have to do to become a Teaching Assistant (TA)?

A: Teaching assistantships are awarded to current Ph.D. students (nominated by the advisor).  In addition, a limited number of teaching assistantship offers are extended to outstanding applicants (determined by the Graduate Studies Committee) to the Ph.D. program.  In some cases, teaching assistantships are offered to MS students.


Q: Can I take courses outside of Electrical Engineering for my graduate degree?

A: Certainly.  For the MSEE degree, at least half of the graduate course work must be in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Q: What are the rules for EE590 courses?

A: EE590 credits that are not listed as regular courses in the schedule are limited to 6. The total number of EE590 credits (both regularly-scheduled courses and independent study courses) is limited to 9.


Q: I am planning to take GRE soon. Can I submit a conditional application?

A: No. The application process requires submission of actual GRE scores. False reporting on GRE scores will  disqualify an applicant.


Q:  I am currently an NMSU student (or I already have a BS from NMSU). I understand that  my application can be processed without the GRE scores. How do I submit my application without entering the GRE scores?

A: Please enter 999 for GRE verbal and quantitative score. In addition, upload a single page document in lieu of the GRE score sheet declaring that you are an NMSU student (or you already have a BS degree from NMSU).